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Approximately 70 percent of all conjoined twins are girls.)The aspect of Abby and Brittany's story that is even more singularly compelling is that, unlike the dozens of TLC medical documentaries that take place in far flung regions of the world where access to modern medical care can be scarce at best, the Hensel sisters are, apart from that conjoined twin thing, archetypal Midwestern girls.

They wears leggings, they flat-iron their hair, they back-sass their parents in the morning — they're just like us. There is some debate about this among the members of the Gawker editorial staff, none of whom have had sex with Abby and Brittany.

However, every set of conjoined twins is different.

None of the aforementioned twins shared sexual organs, as Abby and Brittany do. The criticism that TLC isn't doing enough to educate its viewers is a weak one, because, if you really wanted to explore the world of science, you wouldn't rely on the folks who brought you What happens if one of the girls doesn't want to have sex with a man but the other one does — is that rape?

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Also of interest, they are graduating from Bethel college with two degrees, but they pay one and half times tuition because they attend all the same classes.

Not including dating, sex or going to the bathroom. They want to ask for one salary to start, but eventually, with experience, they want to negotiate for more because they have two degrees.A rumor circulated in 2009 that Brittany was engaged, though the source of this seems to be an announcement on XM radio that was never broadcast anywhere else.The promo for their new show doesn't mention any love interests, which probably indicates that there are none, since that would be something to play up. The world's most famous conjoined twins, Chang and Eng Bunker (born in Thailand in the 19th century — the inspiration for the term "Siamese twins"), married and had children with two sisters.May 2013 stranger to share, abigail alexis tereszcuk radar entertainment editor.

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What if one had graduated high school but the other had failed all her classes?