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18-Aug-2017 22:35

Rhode Islanders eat clams any way they can get them—clam chowder, clam cakes, clam fritters, clam...pizza?

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So when a Rhode Islander tells you you’re beautiful, take it as a serious compliment. Rhode Island clam chowder is neither creamy nor tomato-red, but instead consisting of a clear, thin broth with potatoes, onions, and bacon, stuffed with libido-boosting quahogs, or clams.

So, if your idea of a dream vacation involves an oceanfront Victorian bed-and-breakfast and long walks on the beach, Rhode Island has got you covered.

Rhode Islanders aren’t afraid of a little controversy.

Rhode Island is tiny but what it lacks in square milage it more than makes up for in ridiculous numbers of scenic bays, sandy beaches, and quaint seaside cities.

The Ocean State has capitalized on its lengthy shoreline to create a romantic paradise.Whether they’re offering you a strawberry “yo-git” for breakfast, or suggesting you go out for a “beah,” you can’t help but find them charming.