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However, it’s also come to light that Curda sent almost the exact same offending email to another woman attending the conference, Lucie Montel, who runs events and marketing at Rainmaking Loft in Berlin.

Curda tweeted a lazy and dismissive apology for sending the message, and even said he’d see her ‘later’. It was not related to business and I regret anything I sent. for this to happen again, ever.” Montel emailed us: “I felt somehow ashamed & guilty after it happened and didn’t have the courage to try to do anything about it. ) guy(s) in the industry.” Was Curda A/B testing his approach to women? In a public Facebook post Haas posted: “Will admit that I am nervous…this is the first time for me to be covered in the media and it’s not pretty.

En español | You made the mistake of asking your adult daughter if that guy she went out with last night was "anything serious." She gave you a nonchalant shrug and smiled.

"Don't book the church yet, Mom — it was just a hookup!

When we asked him about this, Curda said: “I don’t remember sending that one but I was really drunk that night. But now it is out, I cannot let people doubt or minimize it. BUT opting to be too scared to associate my name to something like this just did not seem to be the right answer OR the type of example I’d like to set.

So here it is, plus my favorite quote by Eleanor Roosevelt below, and lots of hugs and kisses to those this resonates with.

:)” She says she replied finally on email: “An email like this is abrasive and very disrespectful. I have no further reason to stay in contact w you (or become your Facebook friend).” I asked Curda if the “Deal” he referred to in the email was in effect a request for sex prior to him making an investment in her business activity.

In one he says: “Will we be friends on facebook though?

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Editor Martin Bryant told us Curda had now been banned from writing for the site, and the site has made a statement. A few days after the conference she sent me a Linked In invite and when I replied she said it had been a mistake and she had sent it out to all the emails she’d got at the event. She spoke about her projects the night before (I might have been critical… There was no request for investment offer from her side.” Curda lists his activities in various places, such as his About Me page.

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