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Chandler has revealed some great insights into how she and Matt keep their relationship strong through all of their training, that’s definitely an interesting read, and she’s said several times that Grevers has a knack for keeping her motivated in times of frustration amongst all of the Olympic swimmers in Tucson.

One reason this couple works so well together is that Annie has the height to hang with the 6’8 Grevers.

Hall was a decent swimmer in his own right (he’s a former 15-16 NAG record holder in the 200 breaststroke), but his biggest stamp on swimming will be from the sprinters he’s producing out at Crow Canyon that includes Sr.

Neil Scott Walker (born June 25, 1976) is an American former competition swimmer, four-time Olympic medalist, and former world record-holder in multiple events.

If they end up getting married, their future children are destined for greatness in the pool…or maybe on the basketball court. Peter Mankoc and Triin Aljand (“Man Jand”)- These two names don’t evoke a ton of Olympic memories, mostly because of their specialties, but they’re still two great swimmers who have been together for years.

Aljand, of Estonia, is a former star at Texas A&M who once set the NCAA record in the 50 free (that was never ratified).

Brunneman has been training in California with the FAST team since her graduation, and Klueh recently made the move to join her.

This is the only couple on the list where both swimmers have held individual World Records.

If they end up having kids together, there will definitely be a battle between the two federations over who gets to employ their services! Ethan Hall and Natalie Coughlin (“Etha Lie”) – This is the only couple on the list who has taken the plunge and walked to the alter.