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To wit, the diner, which Levy says was based directly on an old South Pacific poster.

“It is generic Pan-Pacific, like someone from a small town visited Bali and came back and thought, ‘I’m going to paint a mural and I’m going to make this cafe tropical themed.’” The town itself is frozen in time.

The Caesar was invented in 1969, a classic of the mid-century vibe Levy researched thoroughly for the set design on .

Levy crafted a very Canuck version called Don’t Go Bacon My Heart, complete with maple-dabbed rashers, an egg-wich and a (generic) doughnut hole to evoke that other classic Canadian food group, the Timbit (without cross-tainting the promotion by naming other brands).

We have a crew of 141 people bringing what is in my head to life. The first time I walked onto our set, I was thinking this is it, this is exactly what I had in my head.

“Production designer Brendan Smith is so good, and we spoke for months and months and months before building the sets about what we wanted the feel of the show to be.” A standout element for Levy is the turquoise wall in the bedroom the grown-up Rose children share on the show.

“One of the most fulfilling parts of the job is the creative experience of bringing something to life,” says Levy.

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As the Woody Allen-penned character played by Alan Alda in says, “If it bends, it’s funny; if it breaks, it’s not funny.” And that is exactly why Dan Levy worries about our feelings.Indeed, as compared to the comedic powerhouse’s seminal roles, from Earl Camembert on SCTV to Mr.Levenstein in American Pie among dozens of kooky incarnations, is uncharacteristically chic.“That turquoise wall is based on an image I saw from a roadside motel circa about 1955,” he says. And I thought, whoever thought to do that, it adds such a warmth and charm and quirk to the space without being obtrusive.

That era was a magic time, and because it has become so familiar in decorating, it feels timeless, somehow.“I don’t want them to feel disgusted, to feel like our family has been put through the ringer and now here they are in some roach-infested hovel.