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Later she was to work on the Century, where she met Henrik Brixen, who was the ship's plumber.

Her time on the Century was not a happy one, due to pay delays, technical difficulties, and stressful working conditions.

After signing a major-label recording contract, Mc Donald began to carve out a mainstream showbiz career, first as a guest presenter on BBC's National Lottery and subsequently with her debut album, Jane Mc Donald, which spent three weeks at Number 1 in the UK Albums Chart.

In 2000, Mc Donald released her autobiography, Follow Your Dreams, published by Harper Collins.

As a student at a sister tutor's course at the Royal College of Nursing Jane met the lecturer whom she married, Jonathan Pincus.

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She provided all of her own equipment, which she had to replace after it was destroyed in a large bar-fight.

Mc Donald's first position on a cruise ship was on the Black Prince, and following that, the Horizon.

After her father's death, she returned to sea and began working on the Zenith.

Thankfully my cancer is in remission following treatment, although I still experience some pain. As a nurse I am aware that, despite the best medical care and the finest hospices, there is a chance of dying in pain and distress with a loss of my personal dignity.

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I would like the opportunity to choose the time and place of my death if life becomes unbearable."After living with the constantly present fear of the form of her dying, Jane Macdonald quietly fell to Sir William Osler's "captain of the men of death" – pneumonia – in St John's Hospice, London.In a letter urging Independent readers to support the Assisted Dying for the Terminally Ill Bill Jane Macdonald wrote in 2006: "This isn't about doctors or God: it is about patients...

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