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It’s dark and resonant, like a lightly built flat-top, but has the quicker attack and roundness of notes more often associated with archtop guitars.The bass strings shudder nicely under a heavy attack, with a lively back that sounds best when kept away from your belly – like most lightly built carved instruments.We suspect the number series replaced the Recording models (A through E) that were built in the late 1920’s, but preceded the Masterbuilt models introduced shortly thereafter.There aren’t many of these instruments documented, and comparable guitars are hard to find, but through the study of this particular example its becomes evident that Epiphone was working on modernizing the steel string guitar, and this instrument represents a step in the process.Thankfully, though, a guitar is a lot more than the sum of its parts, and Jeff Traugott’s experience and intuitions are much of the reason this guitar is as lovely as it is.A fairly simply appointed guitar, the instrument’s tonewoods are all the flash one really needs.Cleveland’s Oahu Publishing company was the largest print music distributor in its day, and specialized in Hawaiian steel music and the instruments to play that style of music on.The guitars were built in Chicago by Kay, most often, and most were built with square necks for lap-style playing.

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The guitar’s construction is of the highest craftsmanship, and mostly traditional in design.It’s a mellow slide, but quite a richly toned instrument, and quite beguiling as a result. As the daughter of Sergei De Jonge she’s certainly been fortunate to learn from one of the legends of the Canadian guitar-builder monarchy; but her instruments show an evolution and departure from her father’s style.The Maple and Tamarack 00-size cutaway is a perfect example of her creativeness, attention to all detail, and esthetic sensibilities.The instrument features a pressed spruce top with flat-top style X bracing, pin bridge and bridgeplate, pressed maple back and sides, and a 25.4” scale modern neck with a 1-11/16” nutwidth.

With equal parts flattop and archtop, the guitar has a sound unlike anything else we’ve played.There is some wear on the frets, and a few light dings on the top, but the finish is perfect and the action and set up are spot-on.