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He recalled how the family dog went missing one afternoon and, the next morning, all that was left of the animal was "hunks of black hair" placed around his mother like a crime scene.The torment at the hands of these entities culminated when Bean's mother was attacked by an unseen force, causing him to snap and call out for the beings to "show themselves." After a period of poltergeist-like activity, four beings emerged in front of him for several seconds.Alleging that he is the "definition of evil," Oscar took credit for the volcanic eruption in Iceland and claimed that "Yellowstone is going to go very soon." Other callers included Devita in California, who expressed concern over electronic voting machines and called for a return to hand-counted elections as well as Joe, who shared his tale of a "Michigan Dogman" sighting from when he was a teenager.

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Factors such as emotional state, mental health, stress levels and criminal desire are quantified into a single number known as a "Psycho-Pass"; if this number exceeds an acceptable threshold, the target is judged a threat and sentenced to mandatory therapy.

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In the most extreme cases, where the Psycho-Pass is so high that rehabilitation is deemed impossible, the Sibyl System orders immediate execution.In the 22nd century, Japan is tightly governed by the Sibyl System and their enforcers, the Public Safety Bureau.

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