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Unfortunately, this pressure forces teens to not fully show their real selves.The pressure to be a specific person is not limited to the virtual world.If they have a fight with a friend, both people will be sharing their side of the story.Many of their peers will know what was said between the two people, whether in-person, through text, or through social media.The Internet and social media are, after all, technological tools that enhance the ability of teens to make friends and explore their environment.

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The pressure is there to only post about the fun things they are doing, thereby competing to have the most exciting life.

Teens feel pressured to stay busy by being involved in sports, clubs, and other activities.

Plus, there’s often pressure to get good grades so they can get into the best colleges.

Sadly, the teen peer pressure to be perfect and to achieve success in all areas of their lives does not just come from peers.

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Parents sometimes add to that pressure by expecting their teens to take specific classes or participate in certain activities.

These teens, ages 15-17, discussed some of the peer pressure they face daily.

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