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According to ancient myths, the primeval Earth goddess Gaea is the progenitor of the principal Olympian gods.However, it is unclear whether the Olympian race originated on Earth, Olympus, or in another dimension linked to Olympus.As a result, upon the birth of each of Cronus's children, Cronus had the infant imprisoned in Tartarus, the most dismal section of the Olympian underworld known as Hades.Appalled at the mistreatment of their children, Cronus's wife, the Titaness Rhea, concealed her sixth pregnancy from him and secretly gave birth to Zeus in the land now called Greece.The Olympians' human worshipers in ancient Rome called these gods by different names than those by which the gods were known in ancient Greece; for example, the Greeks called the king of the gods Zeus, whereas the Romans called him Jupiter or Jove.The Olympian gods, except for Neptune, patron deity of the Atlanteans, stopped having or actively seeking worshipers on Earth.

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However, over the years, many humans came to think of many Eternals not as the gods' representatives but as the gods themselves.

Neptune, however, was still allowed to watch over his Atlantean worshipers.

Nevertheless, Zeus still retained an affection for and interest in the people of Earth.

According to the myths, Gaea gave birth first to the sky god Ouranos.

Gaea mated with Ouranos and bore him the first generation of the Olympian race, known as the Titans.

However, certain gods, notably Hercules and Venus, still took active interest in the welfare of humanity.

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