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02-Dec-2017 08:26

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Erykah Badu told Zach Witness, an unheralded producer from East Dallas, that she might like to come to his home studio and work on some music, he didn’t dare believe her.

Badu, who is forty-five, has lived in Dallas all her life.

This time though, they’re trying to turn it up a notch.

In the video for her new single, Window Seat, 39-year-old singer Erykah Badu walks through the busy streets of her native Dallas taking off her clothes item by item until she’s naked.

’ ”) Badu and Benjamin’s playful duet helped to turn her quirky phone project into a major musical event.

She called the collection “But You Caint Use My Phone,” borrowing a line from “Tyrone,” one of her biggest hits.

When she reaches the grassy knoll near to where John F Kennedy was assassinated, a “shot” rings out and she collapses.

The video has already become an internet hit, attracting over 300,000 views on You Tube – and the attention of the Dallas police, who have charged the singer with disorderly conduct for “disrobing in a public place”. One of the most interesting and iconoclastic figures in popular music, she was born Erica Wright, but rejected this as a slave name, choosing the new version after a jazz scat: “shu-badu-badu”.

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Along the way she has demonstrated the same flair for children’s names as for album titles: Benjamin is father to her oldest child, a 13-year-old boy called Seven; daughter Puma, five, was joined last year by sister Mars. The first session took about twenty minutes; Badu sang the words a few times, and before she finished warming up Witness had captured what became the final version.