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18-Oct-2017 10:58

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Drang One of the new features in i OS 4.2 is a free, limited Mobile Me account to access the Find My i Phone service.It’s great, but you may find yourself dismissing error messages throughout the day.stop, and this morning I deleted the free Mobile Me account from the phone.If I go through today with no notifications (confirming that the Mobile Me account is the cause) I’ll file a formal bug report.However, Tony Park in the first comment has a solution that’s worked for him and me.

I’d synced the phone to do the update to 4.2, then did all this Mobile Me setup stuff—and got all the error messages—before syncing again.

You can also sync Dashboard widget preferences, Dock items, many application and system preferences, and Mail notes across all of your Macs running Mac OS X Leopard.

So what the current page says is what’s actually happening: Mobile Me syncs with your Mac every 15 minutes.

I think there’s a missing step in Apple’s instructions: sync your phone to i Tunes agan after setting up your new Mobile Me account.

Update 11/26/10 As you’ll see, the solution I proposed turned out not to be a solution at all—the error messages returned after a few hours.

Set the email address and password to your i Tunes login credentials. I found my phone on a map and sent myself a threatening “You’ll never get away with it” message. But from that point on, I started getting email connection failure notifications.

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