Dropbox symlink not updating

11-Oct-2017 22:37

My only caution to you is that this requires a little care to set up. I predict we'll see a lot of complaints about people's files getting misplaced, because syncing directories between machines can get confusing. I have three Macs that I jump between all day long. If you follow my guide, you'll have a safe, reliable solution that far exceeds the limited and buggy release of i Cloud Optimized Storage.I'm currently still using Zotero 4, and I use a symbolic link (symlink) for my data directory, so that the directory is stored in a Dropbox folder.This means that (a) my directory is backed up via Dropbox (along with all my attached PDFs, etc), and (b) I'm able to access it on multiple computers.Dropbox is .99 a month, but I got what amounted to two months of Dropbox free by paying the yearly fee. You can use this process for each folder you Dropboxify on just your first computer. It's important you pay attention to this: this step should happen only on your first computer. It's probably best to reboot your Mac and do this right after reboot, taking care that any of your launch-on-boot applications aren't ones that open documents in the folders you're working with. At this point, you should have all your files in both folders. Carefully recall the process you took to make a backup so you're sure you made a backup. Open Terminal and then delete your Documents folder using the command: The sudo command is "superuser do" which elevates your access level to root, the -r option removes the contents of the directory recursively (in other words, all folders underneath).The downside of the Dropbox solution is that setup requires a little more technical work, including dropping into the command line. For this step-by-step, I'll use the Documents folder as an example. Keep in mind you'll be duplicating files, so make sure you have enough storage space on your Mac before you do it. The -f option forces files to be removed without prompting.

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I'll let my Twitter post from that day explain how helpful it was: To make this possible, I had to upgrade Dropbox to the 1TB level.To do this, download the Dropbox script and add it to your PATH.

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