Dating someone who is bipolar Sexmyanmar

16-Jun-2018 12:00

If he was sulking in the bed, me sitting next to him was more of a bother to him than a help.

I dedicated myself to ensure that my own happiness wasn’t sacrificed as I worked to increase his. You have to keep your own life going even when your partner’s is stalled.

It was a change I didn’t expect, but I learned how to roll with it.

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I had no idea that this kind of super-focus is part of a mental illness. When my ex was in one of his manic phases, he didn’t want to take breaks to eat, never mind go anywhere or spend quality time with me.Most people with bipolar disorder experience long periods of stability where they’re neither depressive nor manic and I learned to simply enjoy those times without a looming sense of dread hanging over our heads. You can’t force someone to seek help, no matter how badly they need it.Like many with bipolar disorder, he would only agree to get help when he was in a depressive mood and he would abandon medication and therapy as soon as that episode ended.I searched obsessively for ways to help him recognize his moods and ways to reassure him about medications and their side effects, but nothing I said convinced him in the slightest.

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You can go in with good intentions to help your partner when he’s struggling, if he doesn’t choose to get treatment and help himself, there’s usually nothing you can do about it.If they can’t recognize how they’re hurting you or refuse to take steps to get treated, you don’t have to stay with them. He apologized when he was stable, but he wouldn’t agree to anything that would have made me feel safer during his episodes (never mind anything that would help him).