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11-Jun-2018 01:58

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I think in some ways it is our way of coping with rejection (we rationalize it) and I am thankful most days that I have this weird sense that everyone should want to be with me and if they don't then they have no idea of what they could have had in a relationship. We just go mad if someone isn't straightforward with us and leaves us hanging.

As a Scorpio Rising, sun square Pluto and Mars in opposition to Pluto, by knowing myself I'd say yes I am scary.

He always whispers the most seductive things even when people are around and he's not afraid to show his feelings. Just laugh off our temper, then we'll feel silly and get over it. I am very loving, caring and nurturing until someone lies to me and hurts me..bets are off after that!!

At first I was abit too "scorpio" for him , but now I have him at my fingertips : D I hope to last a long time with him. When I was younger I used to get black out mad and do crazy things to get revenge however as an adult I realize most of my revenge tactics hurt me as well as the other person so now my revenge is limited to living well and letting the other person see how much they've lost.

It sounds crazy but we actually think that people are better off with us, so if someone tells us that they don't want to be with us, it may sting, but very quickly we then feel bad for the person because of what we feel they are missing out on. And we don't always (I rarely do) retaliate if we don't get our way.

That's because we are highly emotional, and have a dose of pessimism and dark depressive well, which overwhelms us when someone lets us down. And that doesn't mean we will hide and plan a secret revenge - for example with all my ex boyfriends I parted without neither a conflict, nor thoughts of revenge. My ex Scorpio GF burned a hole through my head with her eyes after seeing me talk with a good looking woman.

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