Dating ground rules

21-Mar-2018 06:44

" In reality, of course there are people who have amazing, happy, fulfilling romantic relationships who share that freely on social media.But there are also a lot of people who are deliberately crafting a social media persona of happy and in love, with a "perfect" family who are, in reality - struggling.Remember back in the day when had a crush on that cute guy and you couldn't wait to see him in class each day, or every time you went to the bar where he worked? When you have just met someone or you are in early stages of dating, becoming connected on social media is a minefield of potential disasters.Thanks to social media, you now never have to wait to see anyone, ever again. He hasn't called, but you saw on Instagram wasn't too busy to skip that party Saturday night. You can easily drive yourself insane monitoring the every update of your love interest on social media. Ask yourself: how much time, mental and emotional energy have you spent perusing a person's social media timeline, way back to when they first joined Facebook back in 2008? How many times have you agonized over what a "like" meant, or whether he was sleeping with that woman who he is regularly communicating with via Facebook comment?Lastly, all those photos and declarations of love you have about your ex? If those relationships are truly over, why keep those old posts up?The bottom line is, social media is a great tool for staying connected to others, promoting your business or sharing yourself and your ideas with the world.The object of your desire might not even be someone you're dating.

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I found out about a family member's suicide and the foundation his family had started to assist people battling with depression.My point is not to imagine that everyone is as dissatisfied with their love lives as you might be at times.My point is that comparing yourself and your journey to others is a counterproductive behavior. Don't Overshare There is more than one way to overshare on social media. You know that person who announces every new relationship, every date, every OKCupid message and every awkward text exchange on social media?If you really, really want to go public with your new relationship, of course I can't stop you.

But I do want to point out the pressure those declarations put on you and your partner to "keep up appearances" and continue to appear happily in love.

Be prepared to read: Well, that may well be true, but if you're seeking "likes" on your cute in-love photos, don't be surprised when you get questions about your cryptic posts implying you're single again.