Dating brains

03-Jun-2018 23:01

I know when I think, conceptualize, and create, it takes a concerted effort to break that groove and go on to the physical and the practical.

Lets put it this way women are extremly intimidated by men who are physically strong as well as mentally fit.

OR spending long hours reading/writing/reflecting/creating etc...., but not both.

It could also have something to do with the fairly recent findings showing that men's brains compartmentalize their activities whereas there's a lot of traffic between different areas in a woman's brain so that they have little trouble going from a spatial, conceptual awareness to one more tactile or physical.

We are out here, sometimes it just takes a bit of searching to find one...leatherette, good thread. It's often one or the other (although to look on the bright side, with many it's neither ).

I'm intelligent, but a sloth in eating habits and physical activity (though I'm adequately in shape-- as a poster above noted, it depends on how you define that.)Men tend to be more fanatically oriented in their interests than women, which is why you'll either see a guy in the gym/running/obsessing about caloric intake, etc.....

Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate.^^ Sierrabc.... -But in case you weren't, there are standards for both.

-Not to say each person can't have thier own opinion but, by way of illustration, members of NAMBLA have a right to thier opinion too. The brain is also the largest sexual organ, so I'm sure that those bits could be taken care of as well.

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Most of us are usually taken in our early years though...As if it's the saving grace for ugly people to hold onto the premise that since genetics failed them in the looks department, it must have compensated in the intelligence/common sense department.Hate to bust anyone's bubble, but there are plenty of good looking and intelligent people out there and plenty of ugly dumbasses out there too.Though there are some who don't want to settle down until late 20s...

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And of course you have the ones that are divorced and such...

But maybe it just makes some folks feel better that they can find a new way to rag on the good looking people of the world. And the ones who tend to think the two characteristics are mutually exclusive tend to have ..interesting dichotomy. Why not pick the third woman (the one you haven't met yet) who has both?