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I decided that that was pretty smart, so I logged off and changed my log in name to Coronita14 and logged in again.

Some guy named Chuck33in Colo kept asking me to private chat and he did it nicely, calling me honey and stuff, so I responded and we got into this long fun chat.

"So what do you think about going out to your folks farm this summer? Remember, dad turned it into a nudist park for swingers." "Yeah, I remember, thats why I think it would be fun to go." "I dont know, do you think the girls are ready for that?

"Well, Im pretty sure Amber is and this one will be after a few hours there or at least after a few inches." "You pervert! I can certainly see that youre turned on by our little girl. I felt a jolt go from that kiss and directly-to my now gushing pussy. It was the first time I had gotten a real look at a real cock, and it was my dads and it was very big and hard and it was right in front of me! "Good night baby." He kissed me on the lips and gently brushed at my hair and then turned and left the room.

Everything was a rerun and I didnt feel like watching any of our videos or DVDs, so I decided to hit the keyboard.

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She pushed her face into a pillow, I guess to be quieter. They were going faster and faster and dad was starting to turn red and grunt a little.Then he asked a bunch of questions about my experience with sex then finally asked if I was doing it with my dad. I started to think about that and I noticed that I was getting hot and the little top and panties I had on seemed like too much. My room has bad circulation and the a/c vent is blocked by a bunch of stuffed animals, so I felt like I really wanted to sleep naked that night. She was going to spend the night at Marias house and go to the beach in the morning. Dad was standing slightly behind mom and had kind of an evil grin in the picture and his arm was around moms waist, the hand resting just an inch or two from the little sliver of fabric that barely covered her pussy.I realized that I was like totally turned on and fascinated. If you look closely, I think you can see a few strands of hair, but Im not sure.It was still very warm in my room so I didnt close the door or even cover myself with the sheet.

My body was sweating and my pussy was almost dripping and I really wanted to play with my clitty a little.I noticed the computer was on but the screensaver was on.