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07-Oct-2017 17:52

However if you use such lines in the real world you may be going to make a joke of yourself as these lines don’t work in real.Basically a pick up line is the art of approaching a woman and leaving a great impression that flatters her with just your one line.At Tinder, you absolutely need an icebreaker because you have only few moments to make a girl interested.You’re not trying to find a sincere and serious chat or an affectionate relationship with just swapping and looking at pictures.These two are great ice breakers when you are at a party or at a bar.

However, these lines do work while texting and work when using tinder.

It is important to know that the pickup lines also acts as the first impression you are making on the girl.

Hence, to make you successful in this flirting game, here are the best pickup lines that work to impress any girl.

” Once she shares her number, send her a text or give her a miss call.

This is a working strategy which has the highest chances of getting any girls number without looking cheesy or creepy.

Now just when you end the conversation and the girl turns to leave, you can release your final pick up line which is a bit cheesy, but funny at the same time. Since my teachers and family at all times taught me to follow my dreams.” So to make your pick up lines work you need to use it a few times in your conversation, like in this example you are approaching her, asking her phone number and finally before leaving you are again flirting.