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Sometimes I wonder if at Top Chef they start with the idea for the challenges and then write the puns for the judges, or if they just start with the puns and then are like, "Okay, how do we turn that into an hour-long cooking competition show? The chefs all head to Palm Springs, or as Jason Stratton refers to it, gay mecca with white wine spritzers.I know it more for bachelorette parties and where my parents say they "could totally retire" if I end up moving to Los Angeles, so it's a real fun town any way you slice it.Giselle Wellman planned to do couscous, but she pours liquid in the tube and it completely shatters.There are 13 minutes already gone and now glass all over her station.He wins immunity as well as a ,000 donation to the World Central Kitchen made on his behalf.But because he was so enthusiastic about the cooking surface, José gives him one of the stoves to keep.They are also big fans of Jeremy Ford's seared halibut and pickled mushrooms and Carl Dooley's chorizo stuffed date wrapped in bacon.

The most irritating part of her complaints is that she acts like she's the only one running into a problem. Padma is so horrified by his dish, both the plating and the decision to serve a raw oyster in a 200 degree desert, that she complains about it several times during the judging.

The first stop isn't the spa, though, it's the middle of the sandy mountains, right on top of the San Andreas fault.

Padma Lakshmi greets the chefs in her finest desert romper. I truly hope the producers asked him to do this episode so his last name lined up with the country's most active tectonic plates.

They both loved his shrimp with coconut broth, lemongrass, and mushrooms.

When Padma and José get to Grayson she instantly starts complaining about the oven.

The guys get drunk and loud and all pile into the hot tub like some kind of culinary professional soup.